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We are "thrive" educators and business consultants and we help nurture and develop talent for determined people, and businesses.

The Learning Partnerships methodology uses the three pillars of Collaboration, Innovation, and Education to help you grow into the person you must become in order to succeed.

Often life outcomes good or bad can be traced back to one moment where a single decision was made.

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We provide a range of business solutions including business coaching, business process reingineering, talent development programs, recruitment, transition services and board development programs.

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A Growth Mindset is the Most Effective Tool

Studies have shown that success is less about talent than it is about hard work and a mindset that sees failure and setbacks as an opportunity to grow.

We can help you develop not just the skills to succeed, but a mindset that enables you to rebound from any adverse event and come back stronger than ever.




Growth = Success

The secret to success is to work hard, never stop learning and to adopt a growth mindset.

With a growth mindset, you either win or you learn - you cannot lose, and every failure is a step towards your eventual success.


We have been supporting individuals, government small business and large businesses since 1999 with qualifications, team development, training, coaching and business process reengineering.

We are a Queensland Government Pre Qualified Supplier under the User Choice and Certificate III Guarantee Program and are on the panel for Training and Development for the Department of Education – a panel used by the whole of Government.



Entrepreneur Program

Young Entrepreneurs Start Up Sprint Battle

At the end of Term Two the Year 10 cohort (approximately 120 innovative minds) participated in the Inaugural Young Entrepreneurs Start Up Sprint. In addition to the program Students worked on and completed a BSBSS00089 Workplace Innovation Skillset. A unique qualification that they can add to their CV and portfolio. Working in Groups they spent…

Escape Academy

Diploma of Business in Schools – Fun through COVID 19

Dawn Breen Students undertaking a Diploma of Business In Schools are working towards a nationally recognised qualification that can provide them with a guaranteed ATAR equivalency, substantial information to put on their CV and skills for work and credits towards university. Most importantly it allows students in years 11 and 12 to collaborate in a…

Covid-19 Innovation Loading Concept

Small Business Adaption GRANT Program

Round two of the Queensland Governments Small Business COVID 19 Adaption Grant Program, Learning Partnerships opened today and are already well on the way to being fully subscribed. If you are interested you should get in quick. Learning Partnerships Small business Mentor Miranda Mears warns that one of the Challenges was in creating Grant Applications…