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3 quick steps to transform your experience into a qualification

As we head into the new year its time to start reflecting on what we have achieved this year and where we want to achieve in 2018 and beyond whether that be a new job, new skill or progression.

To achieve your goals you may need to develop new skills or you may need to ensure that the skills and experiences that you do have are understood and appreciated.

The skills and experiences developed over years in your career are unique and specialised to you. However, experience can be overlooked and undervalued as it can be harder map, translate and understand as a Qualification.

A qualification can open doors, provide recognition and increase options. Unfortunately, they also take time which is not always a possibility in busy lives. Further if you already have the skills it may not be enticing to sit in a classroom to learn information you already know.

Recognition of Prior Learning is a valuable alternative to transforming that work experience into a powerful narrative with a qualification.

What is RPL

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the formal acknowledgement of a person’s current skills and knowledge no matter how, when or where the learning occurred with a Nationally Recognised Qualification.

This pathway is designed for people who, through previous vocational experience and education requirements set down by the VET Qualification guidelines and you can RPL part of or in most instances when you have been working for some time 100% of a qualification.

Who is RPL For

RPL is for people and businesses that

  • Value qualifications
  • Want to develop and retain staff
  • Need to beef up their or their team’s bio’s
  • Looking for internal promotion or job prospects
  • Have a degree but would also like to recognise their management and business skills with a qualification.

Most importantly it is about anyone of any age in any industry.

In the past six month’s we have worked with people in maintenance, banking, mining, Human Resource Managers, mechanics, salesmen, landscape gardeners and teachers.

“Having worked for corporates for most of my career I found that I had built a resume of “internally” recognised qualifications and had not invested the time in gaining external qualifications. This was both a mental barrier and a potentially limiting situation. Doing the RPL meant that all of the skills that I demonstrate in my leadership career could be acknowledged in a qualification that would be recognised and respected by others. I found the process to be simple and easy and was well supported by LP along the way.” Rachel Jones

Through RPL they have received or are in the process of receiving Diplomas in Business, Leadership and Management and Project Management or Double Diplomas for just a few extra modules.

Transforming skills to qualifications – three simple steps
Step 1: Initial Consultation
This is the most important step. We meet with you to understand your background and experiences, identify the modules that you will be able to RPL identify gaps and define the best way for you to achieve RPL. We also provide guidance on how to identify and communicate their transferable sills, understand the application process and best answer the questionnaire.


Step 2: Online Application
The online application directs the learner through the application. It includes an online application, samples of your work and a third-party report.


Step 3: Subsequent Consultations
Depending on your progress we can meet with you to look over your application to identify gaps and provide assistance in completion and understanding and complete the assessment


Assessment and Award Delivery
The RPL is assessed and successful candidates receive a nationally accredited award, transcript of results and invitation to the next Graduation Ceremony.

There are multiple opportunities to resubmit, however due to the iterative consultative process we find this step seamless.

Get Started – Qualify 2018

IF you would like to know more please contact or call on 47 281 555. Take advantage of our Qualify 2018 special of 25% bookings for enrolments in December and January.




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