WorkCover Return to Work Program leads to new beginings.

by Zoe Cartwright

I am a 31 year old lady who is currently undertaking a Host Employment with Learning Partnerships.

Host Employment is a program funded by insurance providers like WorkCover Queensland, Comcare, self-insuring employers or Compulsory Third Party insurers and forms part of a workers gradual return to work.  A Host Employment Placement returns a worker to a structured work environment that provides routine and allows for a smoother transition from injury to their pre-injury role. (retrieved from 19/09/2019)

During my time at Learning Partnerships, I have been engaged in a number of tasks including;
 Administration
 Induction
 Reception duties
 Rebranding PowerPoints and word documents
 Reviewing training improvements
 Coaching junior staff
 Compiling a qualification matrix
 Formatting training programs
 Rebranding supplies
 Scanning
 Team meetings
 Filing

My time at Learning Partnerships has been incredibly beneficial and encouraging. Whilst compiling the trainer qualification matrix, I became incredibly inspired by my colleagues’ qualifications and achievements.

I have a background spanning thirteen years within the Aged Care sector and as a result of my injury, I am no longer able to return to my former employment role. Due to such a long career within the same sector, I
had come to believe that I had very niche skills that were not transferable.

Kim, General Manager at Learning Partnerships has supported me considerably in recognising my transferable skills and worth. I have to say when she first mentioned that I had a lot of transferable skills I somewhat
perplexed. I continued to carry out my duties as prescribed. A few weeks later an opportunity arose for me to coach a junior staff member through a medical administration module.

This experience really boosted my confidence, confirmed my knowledge and affirmed to myself that I do indeed have transferable skills.
The next step on my journey to recovery has been to look forward to a change of career and what education I would like to pursue moving forward. Whilst at first a seemingly daunting prospect, I have found myself incredibly motivated to undertake a Certificate IV in Business with the view of going on to complete a Diploma of Business. I intend to study at both Certificate and Diploma level through Learning

Lastly, I’d like to talk about the team environment at Learning Partnerships. It is unlike anything I have. experienced previously. It is a positive and supportive environment that has taken me in and welcomed me to the team. I have always been included within the team whether it be listening to my input, inviting me to team breakfasts or simply walking up the hill together. I feel seen, heard and appreciated and I can’t thank Miranda and the team enough for taking me on and providing me with this opportunity.

Do you want a new Begining?

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