BSBSS00039 – Governance Induction Skill Set


DO you want a seat at the table. Get prepared for your Board Career with a Nationally recognised BSBSS00039 – Governance Induction Skillset.

This skill set is for individuals who are new to positions on a board of governance. These competencies form the BSB Business Services Training Package meet the industry requirements for new Board members.

Why do this course

To be eligible to be a director of a company, you must be at least 18 years of age and consent to taking on the role and responsibilities of a director. But do you know what these roles and responsibilities are and what those legal implications are?

All directors, whatever their age or level of experience, are bound by strict regulation and legislation, backed by severe penalties for the most serious transgressions.

Being a director is a very different role, legally and psychologically from working in a business. It brings unique responsibilities and legal liabilities which are qualitatively different from other management and operational roles

Units of Competency

In this skillset you will complete the following units of competency. These units provide credit towards the BSB40915 Certificate IV in Governance.

  • BSBGOV401 Implement Board member responsibilities
  • BSBGOV402 Work within organisational structure
  • BSBGOV403 Analyse financial reports and budgets


2 day intensive.
Depending on the cohort you may not complete all assessment items in class. Skill Set will be issued upon successful completion of all units.


29-30 January – Sydney

6-7 February – Townsville

19 – 20 March – Brisbane

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