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Burnout, boredom and the power of change

We are quickly heading quickly into the festive period which is a high period of burnout and boredom in business and personally.

It’s a sobering thought, but with at least eight hour days the bare minimum, there’s no escaping the fact that jobs and careers are a considerable influence on our lives.

When did you last feel challenged and motivated, learning something new or doing something that really aligned with your values and purpose?

(Originally written for Success North Queensland Magazine) 

Dissatisfaction at work has a large impact on overall happiness, health, home life, relationships and self-esteem.

Is the looming break the catalyst for change

While the looming break can help in returning fresh to tackle the new year it can also become a catalyst for greater discontent. Dissatisfactions suppressed during the normal working weWork out your direction.jpegek can come to the fore when there is opportunity for unconscious thoughts.

Rather than coming back refreshed it is possible that you may return less motivated rather than raring to go.

At some point, most of us will have a dip in enthusiasm and dissatisfaction in career or business and it is a path that can be either destructive or an opportunity for change and growth.


So, what can be done do to get out of the funk. When did you last feel challenged and motivated, learning something new or doing something that really aligned with your values and purpose?

Use this period as a time of reflection and creativity to identify what brings you joy and purpose and how you how you can change and grow in the new year.

Better still start thinking now so you can start the new year with purpose and passion for the new goals ahead.

Some of the key aspects to happiness and fulfilment at work are;

  1. being challenged
  2. having positive relationships
  3. having goals that you nd enjoyment and purpose in.

If you are not currently getting these you may be ready for some changes. In our current challenging and competitive business environment, learning and development has never been more important and provides a way to address these human needs through positive change.

However, scatter gun approaches rarely work and can in fact compound the problems.

To be successful you need to focus on a development direction that aligns with what brings you joy and that you are passionate about and strategies for development that are realistic and achievable.

What strategies can you use

When we do get to the process of evaluating where we need to develop it can easily become daunting to reach that goal quickly. There are many ways to develop and grow not all need to be a complicated process.

Consider practically what is going to work with your life style, commitments or budgets. It doesn’t have to be a commitment to an MBA. An action could take as little as 10 minutes watching a TED talk or reading a whitepaper or technical article. Or it could be a quali cation that only involves monthly workshops over a staggered period focusing on one element at a time.

Whatever the strategy it is likely to involve a combination of different things.

Some ideas 

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How does your personality type influence you in the workplace ?

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