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Extended DISC Profiling and Training

Developing Emotional Intelligence requires understanding and regulation of the emotions and behaviours of ourselves and others.

This activity delivers an individual report for each member of the team and a team report that correlates the whole team together and provides inferences and trends.

These reports can be used as a basis for the ‘This is how I work Workshop’s and ongoing team management'.

How effectively teams work together can have a significant impact on the business.

Recruitment and staff retention, meeting obligations of workplace health and safety, the customer experience, productivity and profitability can all be disrupted if teams do not work together well.

Typically when teams are not operating at their best it can be traced back to communication and understanding.

The ‘THIS IS HOW I WORK’ program is a dynamic and interactive training program designed to improve team dynamics, engagement, efficiency, and productivity.


In highly effective teams, players have a deep understanding of themselves as well as their teammates.  There is a common understanding of purpose and values and high levels of emotional intelligence and communication skills.

The ‘THIS IS HOW I WORK’ program is a modular program that enables businesses to tailor the contents to suit their individual needs, issues, and budget. 

This program can be run in conjunction with DISC profiling reports and if these have been produced, these will be used as leading discussion points in an anonymous way.



We will work with you to tailor the scope and depth of each of the topics so that it specifically addresses your major issues and development needs.

The program can be run either as a one or two-day program with an optional one day follow up a month later to reflect on progress, refresh and re-energise.

When teams are engaged great things can happen


We explore a number of different models, strategies and philosophies in group dynamics, team effectiveness and personal effectiveness.

Participants will develop understanding and skills in:

  • Successful work culture and values
  • Emotional intelligence
  • The influences of differences
  • Personality and behaviour types
  • Biological, physiological and social influences
  • Regulating emotional cues and behaviour
  • Being an effective communicator
  • Turning conflict into opportunity
  • Being a positive role model
  • Demonstrating leadership traits
  • Cultivating joy and engagement at work
  • Constructive Group Dynamics and roles
  • Managing stress and conflict
  • Working within an intergenerational team
  • Operating with tolerance and empathy
  • Effective rituals and habits


At the end of this workshop participants will receive a certificate of attendance and if coupled with EXTENDED DISC their own personal Behavioural Analysis Report. 

We can also provide your team with the opportunity to take this further and complete an accredited unit in Emotional Intelligence and or Leading and Managing Effective Teams.

What is Extended Disc

Extended DISC® is an assessment tool designed to help individuals, teams and organizations to become more successful by providing easy to use information on how to modify behaviour. Modifying behaviour based on the other person's style.

About the Course:

Spend a full day covering the background of the Extended DISC model of human behaviour. Explore the four main behavioural styles and combinations. We look closely at:

  • Strengths and development areas of the DISC profiles.
  • How the DISC styles are motivated and approach tasks and goals
  • Causes of stress and how to relieve stress
  • How the DISC styles prefer to communicate

Learning Outcomes:

Learn how to debrief the Extended DISC Profiles and interpret the diamond. Identify important ‘emotions’ seen in graphs through the 10 special cases. You will also learn about why Extended DISC profiling is so commonly applied in the business environment and how easy the FinxS platform is to use in administering reports for yourself or for a client.

You will gain: 

  • An internationally recognised qualification in the worlds most advanced psychometric system
  • Free psychometric test
  • Free User Guide Manual - full with simple instructions to navigate the FinxS Online Platform, case studies and much more
  • Access to our VIP Area
  • Excellent phone and email customer service with speedy response times to help you get the most out of FinxS and Extended DISC
  • Value-added tools to optimise individual, team and organisational performance
  • Marketing material to help you on-sell DISC assessments to add value to your offering

About the Trainer 

This course will be delivered by Kylie Ellwood, Extended Disc Master Trainer.

The Extended DISC® System empowers you and your clients to get the best from people, improve performance and the bottom line.

The Extended DISC® System is a world-renowned, online profiling process providing organisations with real solutions to human resource issues. Easy to use, accurate, comprehensive and its tried and tested.



About the Course

This course involves an intensive two days full of practical information and application of the Extended DISC© Assessment Suite. We follow five key modules and their application in areas of business.

Who should attend?

Business coaches and specialists, HR professionals, senior execs, managers, business owners and consultants.

Grow & Develop

This module is presented in 3 stages, Self- discovery, Personal Development and
Behavioural Action Plan. 

We look at all the self-assessment indicators in the standard behavioural Assessment and gain a clear understanding of the individual’s behavioural style.

We also introduce the Extended DISC Tips Reports and the unique information it offers. These insights then enable us to develop a personal  development and/or coaching action plan. 

Team & Build

Learn how to build a more cohesive and effective team using the extensive insights in the Team Analysis.  Understand how each individual sees themselves interacting as a ‘team player’ based on their behavioural style and their likely role in the Team. 

Assess if the scope of behavioural styles covers the required behaviours/tasks for the team to meet their goals using the Diamond.   We take a look at Team Types and their relative strengths/ challenges plus use the Arrow maps to identify any individuals who may be using lots of energy. 
These insights then enable us to make any necessary changes to optimise the outputs of the team and ensure individuals are working to their strengths. 


Lead & Manage

This is a very comprehensive module where we look at several tools we can utilise for Leadership feedback.
The first is the Leadership and Management assessment which provides extensive insights about an individual’s style in this regard, whether they are an existing leader or a future potential.  We learn how the different styles lead and manage then introduce some of the other FinxS tools to enhance the understanding of Leadership and Management style. These include the  Extended DISC Work Pair which can highlight information useful for recruitment, succession and conflict resolution.   The Open 360 Feedback  is one of the best tools to understand perceptions of others and self through ‘’blindspots”.  A wonderful tool for leadership, performance evaluations or development.

Recruit & Select

In this module, we look at what sort of work environment each behavioural style tends
to prefer and the tasks that generally suit their behavioural style best.

We learn how to use the behavioural assessment relative to the recruitment environment and the Team Analysis report.

We explore the Job Template to provide additional insights specific to the role or industry and how much value this can add to the process.  Then we consider the use of the Reasoning Analysis to assess logical,  spatial, social and numerical contexts for the individual.

Whilst the assessments provide invaluable insights for the Recruit & Select assessment process, these insights should never be used as the sole criteria for the selection process. 

Sales & Service

The last module of Sales is packed full of fun practical information in the sales field.  We look at different types of selling and identify some natural fit with DISC styles.  We look at the different behavioural styles and what sort of selling or even customer service they are most suited to.  In addition, we look at how to identify the behavioural style of your customer or prospect  to enhance the sales process

Become Accredited today using the world’s most advanced psychometric system!


Individual DISC Profile and Assessment

We all face situations daily when our go to approach does not achieve the results we are aiming for.

Our approach makes perfect sense to us, but others do not appear to “get it”.  The reality is that as human beings we are all different.

We have our own ways of doing things and behaving in different situations, yet it is often these differences that cause challenges.

Understanding how we are different and how we can more effectively interact with different styles and, therefore, ultimately improve our performance and therefore the performance of the team.

Extended DISC Assessments, through systematic analysis and reporting mechanism, help people to understand themselves, be aware of their strengths and weaknesses and improve behaviour and emotional awareness.  Further, Extended Disc helps others be aware of and manage the emotions and behaviours of others – a critical element of emotional intelligence.

Disc profiling is a powerful tool that can help Individuals to:

  • Improve their Self-Awareness
  • Observe and analyse behaviour in others
  • Interact with people
  • Respond to motivational and management cues
  • Motivate and manage people more effectively
  • Communicate more effectively

Team Analysis

Following the completion of the individual reports, we collate the results into a Team Analysis Report. This report combines all of the individual assessment results into one report. It shows the team dynamics, the strengths and development areas of the team, and illustrates how the team members are adjusting their behaviours in the existing work environment.

The benefits of Team Analysis are:

  • Team building and development
  • Ensure team roles align with team members strengths
  •  Strategic decision making
  •  Identification of the effective behaviours
  • Leadership development
  • Understanding complex issues
  • Organisational development
  • Succession planning
  • Turnover reduction
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Identify coaching and training needs
  • Plan career development activities
  • Identify Leadership development opportunities
  • Understand complex issues


This profile assessment is completed online in a questionnaire that takes less than 15 minutes.

It does require space and a clear mind to get the most out of the analysis. From this questionnaire, the individual and team reports are produced.

DISC Practitioner Level 1 and 2 is provided periodically