My experience as a Intern with JCU and Learning Partnerships

By Katya Prideaux

Whilst some may think that doing a placement for university is just ticking off a box, in practicality, it is a great opportunity to get real industry experience, and understand what it is actually like.

On my first day I was quite nervous to start, but also very excited. JCU and Learning Partnerships have partnered together to afford me this experience, which is proving to be invaluable to my learning.

Putting my Theory and Knowledge to into Practise  

I have had the ability to take everything that I have learnt at university, and put it into practise. In university, I have completed subjects that have taught me about  how to conduct real life business operations and procedures. One that I have found very relevant and practical was the subject of Project Management as it taught me how to complete project and business cases. I have been able to implement this at Learning Partnerships to refine and improve my ability to do this.

I have been tasked to put together several business cases to evaluate internal decisions at Learning Partnerships. This has given me the opportunity to conduct research about certain areas I previously did not have much experience in, or knowledge about. Being able to effectively construct these business cases is a valuable and transferrable skill that will be useful in my future career.

I have also been tasked with completing other business related documents that are for the purpose of developing and expanding the business. One of these includes putting together a capability statement, which was something I had not done before. This was really good experience to see my efforts and work (after a few alterations!) be used in practise.

During my time at Learning Partnerships thus far, I have had the opportunity to present my research and evaluations to the Director and General Manager of Learning Partnerships. This is a great experience for me to be more involved, with the presentations being important for making business decisions within the company, and discussing real business objectives. This allows me to contextualise my learnings, refine my public speaking skills and continue to develop my presenting skills; another valuable skill to encompass.


Being at Learning Partnerships has given me the opportunity to not only build on my knowledge and put it into practice to gain experience, but it has also aided in my development of skills in areas that I have no real experience or knowledge about, and provided an opportunity to then learn and get experience within these areas.

Excited for the Future

It’s great to learn new things by being challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone, and gain real industry experience at the same time. From my time at Learning Partnerships so far, I feel more confident in myself, and I am excited for the coming weeks to grow and develop personally and professionally.

From Miranda Hamilton
As a Business my management team and I have been extremely impressed. Katyas professionalism, attention to detail and drive. It is a good indicator of the calibre of business graduates coming out of James Cook University.

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  1. Miranda Hamilton on August 30, 2019 at 11:51 am

    Great Writing Katya. Really interesting perspective

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