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Talent Tools

Learning Partnerships can provide businesses with Psychometric Assessments to measure engagement and emotional intelligence for recruiting and developing talent and identifying training and development needs. We are certified Practitioners of the powerful EXTENDED DISC and GENOS Emotional Intelligence Tools.


The capacity to accurately measure an individual’s level of emotional intelligence (EI) has the potential to provide organisations with a significant competitive advantage.

In its simplest form, emotional intelligence has been defined as an individual’s ability to deal effectively with emotions. However, more detailed definitions of emotional intelligence differ depending on the model of EI and the method of assessment that is used.

The ability to recognise, understand, use and manage our own emotions, and those of the people around us is a vital skill in the workplace. Along with our intelligence, social skills, personality, and professional training emotional intelligence is a critical skill for leaders in making good decisions and supporting teams to thrive.

Ability-based assessments measure how well an individual performs tasks using emotion and solves emotional problems. Self-report assessments of emotional intelligence define the term as non-cognitive (emotional and social) competencies that assist a person to cope with daily environmental demands. Accordingly, self-report assessments measure an individual’s subjective assessment of their own emotional competencies to cope with environmental demands.

The use of emotional intelligence measures in recruitment and selection settings and in managing employee engagement has gained significant momentum in Australian organisations over recent years.

The Employee Emotional can be applied across an organisation, work division or management team and can be used in the recruitment process. Our Framework is a simple per user arrangement delivered

  • MSCEIT psychometric test
  • A leadership development report
  • A one to one coaching session
  • A One to one follow up conversation a to embed strategies