What employers are looking for

Today I had lunch with Belinda Taylor from Apprentice Support Australia.

Typically, we entered into a conversation about trainees, apprentices and the businesses that hire them. That led to the sometimes challenges that can surface with job seekers, those just starting out and indeed even business owners and managers. A lot came down to a gap in Essential Employability Skills – sometimes on both sides of the fence.

What are the Essential Employability Skills? They are all of those higher-level skills that you need regardless of what career pathway you want to take. They can make and break your progress and support your rapid escalation in your chosen career.

Essential Employability Skills that can support your personal and professional development

We cover all of these in our Diploma of Business and our other qualifications. Coincidence? I think Not.

We are passionate about developing talent with transferable skills that can go anywhere anytime. Whether you are a high school student or a senior manager continuously honing your soft skills should be an essential part of your own on-going personal and professional development.

If you are Just starting out, I highly recommend this short fact sheet published by the Department of Employment, Skills, and Small and Family Business as a checklist to make sure you are on the right track

If you would like to know more about the Qualifications and Skill Sets that we provide to develop essential and transferable employability skills from Certificate II through to Diploma hop on over to our website at www.learningpartnerships.edu.au or Find Us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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