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Why turning your experience into a Qualification is a Smart Career move

When people come to us to undertake an RPL they often lack confidence and awareness of the skills they have developed in their career.  Being able to award them with a Diploma or Certificate at our Graduation and see the personal satisfaction their families pride is incredibly rewarding  Miranda Hamilton

Consolidating years of experience into a formal, recognised qualification should be your next career move.

Why, because it’s a smart one – A qualification is currency.

Many large organisations, from mining, construction, banking and government highly regard qualifications because they demonstrate a benchmark of expertise. They are often a mandatory requirement of many positions.


  • It formalises your skills into legitimate evidence.
  • It can improve your pay.
  • It can open doors to greater job opportunity.
  • It can empower you to go after your career dreams.
  • It can be meaningful and give you a sense of achievement and confidence.

If you have been working for some years and progressed through hard work and tenure, you are likely to have developed skills that you may not be necessarily selling yourself well to future or current employers.


Regardless of industry and technical skills, most people as they progress in their careers develop interpersonal skills and skills in one or more areas of Business, Leadership and Management, Project Management , Human Resources experience.  These Management Skills are transferable across many different industries from banking and finance, government, training, mining and primary industries and are highly valued.

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The RPL Process



From our experience, the key to success is a committed and experienced Registered Training Organisation that facilitates the process and guides the applicant through understanding and documenting their transferable skills and gathering the requirements.

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  1. Select your desired Qualification(s) – think about what transferable skills you have have collected in your travels and what evidence you can use to demonstrate this? A Learning Partnerships  business coach can help to extrapolate your experience and provide guidance on the best qualification and units of competency for you to get the best advantage of your RPL. You may even be able to get a Double Qualification.
  2. Complete the online questionnaire – The Simple online questionnaire guides you through the process of collecting evidence and attaching  some additional evidence for example your CV and samples of your work and a declaration or testimonial of one or more people that can attest to your  experience.

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    Example RPL Question

  3. Award your qualification – Our coaches will review your questionnaire and provide guidance on finalising all the requirements. When all the requirements have been bet you will receive your qualification and be eligible.


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